Real Estate Investment Opportunity

My name is Leonel Dorta.  I reside in Weston, Florida.

I am a proven, successful real estate investor who purchases, refurbishes, and resells properties located in Broward County , West Palm Beach and Dade counties. Past Real Estate deals to be given upon request.

My approach to real estate investing is highly disciplined.
Specifically, the properties I buy:

  • have a purchase price of no more than 70% of their estimated resale value;
  • are single family residences (excluding condominiums)
  • require no more than 2 to 4 weeks  to refurbish;
  • are sellable within one to three months after refurbishment; and
  • are not subject to oversight by Home Owners Associations.
  • I do not buy houses with lien and code violation unless they are simple to fix

I utilize highly effective marketing techniques that consistently create more opportunities to purchase properties than I have the funds to complete.

Consequently I am seeking qualified investors to allow me to capitalize on these opportunities.


My Approach to Finding Profitable Real Estate Opportunities.

I focus on four niches within the single family home market in South Florida and conduct direct marketing Campaigns to property owners in these niches. To control quality, the confidentiality of my lead sources, and costs, is performed in-house by me and my assistant.

I also operate a website,, and use this site to market to potential sellers of properties that fit my criteria through the use of internet methodologies including search engine marketing

Projected Returns for Investors

I prefer to partner on a property-by-property basis. Individual property investors can expect a return, not to exceed 50% of the net profit derived from the resale of the property.

I am open to negotiate a flat percentage rate for funding my real estate deals.

I am also willing to discuss the possibility of funding a corporation with a pool of funds to invest in multiple properties at the same time. All investment principal would be protect by a holding a first lien position on the property.